Contax RX

When you google Contax RX you will find a lot of pages that describe a strange problem with this camera. It makes a weird whirring sound out of the blue. It doesn't matter if the camera is on or off. It doesn't make a difference when there is film loaded. Suddenly it starts to whirr. My model operates fine but it gives me the feeling that in the near future I'll have a nice paperstand.

The production of the Contax RX started in 1994. The Contax was placed between the professial Contax RTS III and the consumer based Contax 167. It is a big camera. The body weights 810 gr without the battery (an, expensive but easy to get, 2CR5 6v litium battery).

The camera  has an electromechanical shutter with speeds from 16 seconds to 1/4000 seconds and it supports aperture-priority, shutter speed-priority, programmed exposure and manual exposure, The through the lens (TTL-) metering is switchable from center-weighted to spot metering. 

A very handy feature is the system which visually confirms with the help of a serie of leds in the viewfinder. When the leds are gone you know that your subject is in focus. It is accurate.

A viewfinder that is very bright and which makes focusing very easy. There is a automatic filmload system and and auto exposure lock. The camera also features a digital back but that needs an extra CR2025 battery.

The Contax lenses with the C/Y mount are very good, but they are not cheap. There is also a large set of Yashica lenses wth a C/Y mount. They are cheaper then the Contax lenses but when you choose the ML versions also very good. 

Look out Contax G lenses don't fit on the C/Y mount neither do the AF form Contax or Yashica.

Although this is a big camera it is nice to hold, The dials are in the right places and feel very solid. One of the nicest things of the RX is the sound of the shutter. The RX sounds and feels like a very high class camera.